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Reptile Fibra 80 RDM - Addicted - SURF - SKATE - SNOW - BIKE - CLIMB
Reptile Fibra 80 RDM - Addicted - SURF - SKATE - SNOW - BIKE - CLIMB
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, Reptile Fibra 80 RDM - Addicted - SURF - SKATE - SNOW - BIKE - CLIMB
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, Reptile Fibra 80 RDM - Addicted - SURF - SKATE - SNOW - BIKE - CLIMB

Reptile Fibra 80 RDM


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Reptile Fibra 80 RDMExtreme durability, ultimate reliability. 2 years no questions asked, limited warranty. The FIBRA RDM 80 HARDCORE is an update to the legendary PYTHON 80 mast. Still the same weight, now stronger. Mixing an innovative epoxy matrix to the T700 carbon fibers, we obtained a mast with superiors mechanical properties in terms of compression and torsion. The boom area in now reinforced with an exclusive CBX Carbon ply, a special bi-axial carbon fiber that improve the durability of the mast. The new connection ferrule is thicker and made with the expensive T900 Carbon fiber. Compatible with the 95% of the sail brands of the market, winner test in the most dangerous wave spot of the World such Jaws and Cabo Verde.


  • Carbon quality: T700
  • CBX carbon boom reinforcement
  • REPTILE NATURAL BENDCURVE. A multi-axis fiber placement, geometries and efficient layups allow the Reptile masts to match in a natural way to the different sail designs.
  • AUTOCLAVE production process
  • REPTILE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM. Higher accuracy than industry standard IMCS measured in 9 points, with less distance between to precisely match all the sails in the market
  • AUTOMATICALLY CUTTED PLY SYSTEM. Each carbon ply is cut by machine to increase build accuracy.
  • MATTE FINISH for smoother mast sleeve insertion.
  • EDGE PROTECTION SYSTEM on all the sides, an extra ply to protect the unidirectional fibers from delaminating and splinters
  • EQUALIZED LENGTH TECHNOLOGY, to keep the gravity center lower reducing the overall length when the mast is in two pieces.
  • T 900 FIBRES CYLINDRICAL FERRULE for perfect connections and increased reflex
  • High quality PVC CONICAL PLUG on the top sections’ top end
  • MADE IN ITALY, to be sure that mechanical qualities are failure-proof.

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