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Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten No Cam
Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten No Cam
Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten No Cam
Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten No Cam
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten No Cam
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten No Cam
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten No Cam
Last inn bildet i Gallery viewer, Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten No Cam

Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten No Cam


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Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten No Cam er freeraceseilet for deg som elsker fart, men som vil ha et camberfritt seil.

Les hva Goya skriver om seilet

No Cam freerace. RDM/SDM compatible on all sizes.

Racing speed made simple. The Mark Pro is quick to rig and easy to tune. Delivering impressive low end torque and acceleration combined with easy handling when super powered, the Mark Pro allows you to focus on your line and tactics rather than managing your sail. Super lightweight 6 batten build plus truncated boom length give the Mark Pro a compact, light and easy feeling as you accelerate, when you are powered up at speed and through high speed technical transitions around the buoy. The Mark Pro is best paired with a fast Freerace board, such as the Bolt Pro, or a dedicated slalom/race board, such as the Proton Pro.

The secret to the Mark Pro’s great feeling is in the heart of the sail, the profile, twist and release. A little more shape forward, a smooth transition, and a smooth and clean release, particularly in the leech area just above the boom. The Mark Pro has a more neutral feel when powered up, and when the big gust hits, it stays settled.



Monofilm Window Panels. Monofilm offers crystal clear optics, light weight and a crisp direct feel.

Monofilm Body Panels. The new colored monofilm panels mirror the crispness of the window, as well as it’s lightness.

Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten No Cam construction

X-Ply Luff Panels. Delivering just the right blend between elasticity needed for a luff panel and crispness needed for a sail that’s supposed to go extra fast and extra stable.

Features. Carbon Stretch Control, Titanium Clew Ring, Rip Stop Sleeve and a Molded Tack Fairing round off the peak quality package. Sleeve cut treatments as well as tack and foot reinforcements are now folded to increase durability and prevent edge fraying. A wide upper leech Marker reinforcement prevents breakdown of the leech in strong wind conditions such as Pozo, the Gorge and Omaezaki.

Windsurf Magazine sin test

The Mark is now in its third season in the Goya lineup, classed as their six-battened freerace option. It retains the same increments as last year’s sail, but designer Jason Diffin has been working on the sail’s profile, twist and release, bringing more shape forward in the draft, before transitioning smoothly to a cleaner release along the trailing edge. With fairly average length increments in this group, the Mark possesses a lot of area higher up in the sail, giving it a distinctly boxy appearance. Tested here on one of the brand’s premium 99% masts, it sets beautifully, with one of the more extreme luff curves providing a high degree of skin tension in its panels. The location of the downhaul-tuning dot (and the increased number of mini battens) gives you a good idea of the amount of looseness desired in the leech, allowing it to fall away right down to the batten above the clew. Despite this, the three lowest battens all retain rotation around the mast, with plenty of shape locked forward in the Mark’s profile. With its coloured x-ply frame and faultless monofilm window, it certainly looks the part, the brand’s reputed carbon stretch control (CSC) tendons radiating from the clew to lock stability in place.

“Big results from small refinements on the Mark for 2018. … [It] has a more neutral feel when powered up. When that big gust hits, the sail stays settled. A big plus in control. We have updated the material in the tack and foot of the sail with a stronger yarn configuration in the laminate, and also we’ve made this material in the body colour of the sail for more visual impact.”

Light and balanced at rest, the Mark feels relatively small in the hands initially, yet generates a good deal of bottom end grunt as a gust

hits. The centre of effort is located forward yet relatively high in the draft, which, combined with the high skin tension and solid profile, generates plenty of instant drive. It has a precise, direct character, yet the movement in the luff sleeve and thin Dacron luff panel provides just enough stretch to temper the delivery and ensure it is manageable. In marginal winds, this makes the Mark particularly potent, capable of covering distance comfortably on all points of sail, the rider made constantly aware of the power available. In transition, the Mark is also very capable, the high pull position encouraging the rider in and over the board, before rotating cleanly and providing the punch to drive hard out of the turn. As the wind increases, the Mark can be re-tuned with more outhaul to flatten the profile and reduce the assertiveness of the power. Stable and locked in, the crisp delivery still comes from a high position, so requires input and concentration from the rider to ensure they don’t get pulled to their toes. Off the wind, the acceleration through the hands comes with every gust, the twist in the trailing edge helping to keep the power focussed forward. It’s certainly an engaging sail to use in challenging seas, but the more energy and input you invest, the more will be returned in performance by the Mark.

Crisp and direct in nature, the Mark is a potent performer, providing the power and response to endear it to those that like to be the pilot rather than just a passenger on the water.


Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten specifications

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